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Who is the book for?

The ultimate toolkit for law students

What can I find in the book?

Real life accounts of a recent law graduate.

The book is for anyone considering studying law at university, is about to embark on their law degree, or is a current law student (or is curious about law degrees).


This guide can be read from cover to cover, or as and when you need a little bit of help or an insight into a particular topic area, such as attending a law fair.

Why is 'a brief guide to being a law student' different from other law books on the market?


This book is unlike the standard 'how to be a law student' books available. It contains lists, top tips and information in a guide format. You can read experiences from a current law graduate, practical information surrounding advocacy, studying, networking, work experience and lots more!

Top tips on a multitude of topic areas including advocacy, studying law and work experience.

Helpful hints and tips from other law students, law graduates, academics and legal professionals.

Clickable links to outside resources that you may find useful and be of a benefit to you.

Rebecca Morgan

I am Rebecca, author of A brief guide to being a law student and founder of Lawyer In The Making. I am a Law Graduate and current part time BPTC student.


I am quite the law geek, having an ever-growing collection of legal related books in my makeshift library at home (bookshelves, bookcases and plastic boxes). I have also undertaken lots of paid work and work experience in the legal sector.


I spend a lot of my time creating content in the form of blog posts, allowing me to document my legal career so far, as well as share news articles, legal updates, study tips, points of debate and lots more.


I made the decision to write this book because, whilst I love some of the 'how to be a law student' books which are available, a lot of them are very text heavy. This is more of a brief guide, a useful resource to have on your phone, tablet or laptop, jam packed full of hints and tips to help you succeed in various areas of your legal studies (but I highly recommend you read some of the more text based books too!).

Lawyer In The Making

Lawyer In The Making is my law blog where I share blog posts on my legal career and other law related topics including:

Legal news and updates

Study tips

Career updates and useful tips

Work experience ideas

Social media help

Book and tv programme reviews

Interviews with legal professionals, students and academics

Resources for lawyers and legal professionals

Legal conferences

...and lots more

I love sharing posts where we can have a debate and discuss topics.

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